Orly Fowl Play

i know you've all probably seen this polish on blogs many times before.  i can't help but post my own pictures.  the polish is the shit.  not only is the colour pure ossim, but i wore it for over two weeks with nothing but some tip wear.  it was finally removed when i went to get my acrylics filled today.  i'm seriously tempted to wear it again now that i'm home and my nails are all fresh, naked and ready to be polished.

with flash:

Barbie Loves Stila

i was at Winner's yesterday and this jumped off the shelf at me.  for $9.99 there was no way it wasn't also going to jump into my bag.  i can't believe i scored this for $10!  i'm a happy camper!

in bad news, AF showed up.  kinda.  she's being iffy about actually totally showing up.  damn her.  so... next step is advice from the doctor on fertility.  fun fun.

a little personal.

no nail polish in this post. 

my wonderful boyfriend and i have been trying to conceive since november 2010.  almost a year.  so far we've had absolutely no luck.  in the midst of our trying, we found out i had a polyp in my uterus.  also that said polyp might be the cause our fertility issues.  so i underwent a d&c to have it removed in the spring and we got back to trying, with more hope now, to get me pregnant again.

and here we are in October and i'm still wandering the world as non-pregnant as ever.

my dear aunt was due today.  she did not show.  i've had a conspicuous lack of the usual menstrual cramps and sensitive breasts that usually start about a week before AF is due.  2 days ago i tested and it was negative.  i called my doctor and have an appointment to talk to her about more help with our fertility issues on October 13th.  i'm guessing we're going to need some medical help, maybe drugs?, for me to get knocked up.

usually i leave it at that.  one negative and move on.  but this month it feels different.  or i have my hopes up way too high.  where are the cramps?  where are the sore bewbs?  is my body messing with me and maybe my cycle has decided to be longer this month??  why hasn't someone invented a damn instant pregnancy test?? ;)

cross your fingers for us?  if AF doesn't show by Monday i will test again then.