all the pretty papers.

it all started with the want to decorate the cover of my new journal.  well... kinda journal.  i usually buy myself hardcovered sketchbooks to use as journals.  i like the blank pages, i like being able to doodle, sketch, and paste things into my diaries.  :)

so i bought a few scrapbooking supplies to decorate the plain black cover of the journal.  and i did.  it looks pretty now.  but i could not stop buying scrapbooking supplies!!  the pretty papers somehow wound their pretty papery tentacles into my soul and now i must  i have fancy shmancy edging scissors.  i have card stock.  i have hundreds of papers in different patterns and prints and pretties.  i have glues, die cut decorative pieces, alphabets... gah!!!

so i decided i will list some of my new hobby in my Etsy store.  i have one set of blank cards for sale, another set that i need to take pictures of and list today, and enough supplies to make more sets than i have friends to send them to!


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