i keep meaning to create a post about my adventure into frankenpolishing.  but... gah... wtf... there is something wrong with me.  or i'm pregnant.  either way, my stomach is not a happy camper the last few days.  being hungry leads to nausea, thinking of food makes my stomach turn (even when i'm hungry... hello stomach, mixed messages much??), having a great idea for dinner, making it and mmmmm it looks sooooo goooood.  it smells soooo goooood.  the second the fork hits my lips... blech.

and the worst part???  the nausea never, ahem, matures, into anything but "omg, my sttttoommmmmaaacchh".  i think, hey, if i could just barf i might feel better.  but nothing.  nada.  just my stomach unhappily turning and making me cry.

sigh.  so... how's that for non-nailpolish related tmi???

i've had a gazillion nailpolishes all laid out on my coffee table since the frankenpolishing.  but i've been too "omg, my ssstttooommmmacccch" to put them away or make another frankenpolish.  they're in limbo.  poor things.  it must be like purgatory for nailpolishes... just hanging out in full view without anyone oooohing and aaaahing over them.

i made two frankens.  one is pretty much a fail.  i'm hoping i can get my hands on some linear holo pigment to save it.  the other turned out pretty nicely!

and as soon as my stomach stops screaming at me every time i move or breathe or think i'll take pictures.  i promise!! 


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