broken promises

sorry readers!  i said i'd take macro pictures of the fimo canes today.  instead i went out to run errands and came home with a migraine.  so i've been in and out of bed all afternoon/evening.  i hate saying i will do something and then not doing it without letting people know that i honestly intended to get it done but something stopped me.

i apologize :)  i did take a few photos with the macro and flash.  i don't like them as much as macro in natural light, but i'll share them anyway.

here's the whole bundle face up in the plastic baggie they came in (click to make bigger.  much bigger):

and the most curious cane of the bunch.  does anyone know what it is?  it is obviously a face with a yin yang sign on it's forehead, but i'm wondering if it's a figure with meaning in the east :)


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