i will pop a cap in your ass

no, no i won't.  but if i ever needed to, i now know how to pop a cap in an ass.  or at least at a paper target ;)

my love took me shooting this weekend.  it was my very first contact with a real gun ever.  he let me use his .22 rifle as a start.  i was so incredibly nervous.  it took me quite a while to work up to the first shot.  i was afraid of the gun!  he took a picture of me firing off my first round.  see how far away the gun is from me?  so scared of it.  gah.

and oh, my.  what a most awful terrible unflattering photo of me.  it is, without a doubt, the worst picture of me ever, with my face all scrunched up and my arms look so chubby.  but i'm so proud that i overcame my fear of firearms that i'm going to share anyway.

 that picture is even worse than the one of me camping, day feels-like-we've-been-here-forever without a stich of makeup or a wink of sleep:
but wait... look... i clean up pretty decently:
okay, back to shooting.  my first go kinda sucked:
but at the end of the day i was getting pretty comfortable with the whole process and my love and i had a bit of an impromptu competition.  after i managed to punch a great hole in a target at 25yds, he had to one-up me.  so he said he'd do it without using the bipod.  heh.  and since i will not let my thunder be stolen, i decided i had to do it without the bipod too.  his target is the one on the upper right.  mine is the lower right.  i kicked his asssssss!


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