Shoes of the Day

i really like makeup and nailpolish.  that, we have established through this blog.

i also really like shoes.  i don't own an embarrassing amount of shoes, but i love them as much as i love makeup and nailpolish.

shoes, polish, makeup and jewelry never disappoint.  i'm not a skinny girl, i hate shopping for clothes because it never fails that i leave the stores feeling flabby and large.  but shoes, makeup, nailpolish and jewelry... those babies always fit.

so sometimes i'll throw in a post about shoes or jewelry :)

today it's shoes.  i found these cuties at Winner's weeks and weeks ago.  but i was cheap and wasn't going to pay their full price for them.  yesterday i discovered them on clearance for $24.  so they came home with me.

Harajuku Lovers.  style: Leah heel.

i used to, back in the day, wear them everyday to work and walk around in them 8+ hours at a time.

today i was sorely (haha no pun intended) reminded i am very out of practice wearing heels out in the real world.  i managed to walk through Home Depot without much problem while my love shopped for a new table saw.  i managed to get back to the car without much pain.

but when we stopped at Walmart, so i could pick up hairspray, my ankles started protesting.  protesting by turning inwards and messing with my already precarious balance.

by the time we paid and were leaving the store i stopped, right in front of Walmart, and begged my love to please unbuckle them so i could take them off.  by then my balance was fucked, if i had bent down to unbuckle them myself i surely would have ended up face down on the pavement.

so he did... much to his embarrassment.  and i did the rest of our errands blissfully barefoot.

the lesson i learned today?  i need more practice.  more time on sexy heels, less time in boring flats!  )


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