Kleancolor What Girls Really Talk About set.

oh hai! pardon my reflection in the plastic.
i went to Winner's again today while my love was at the nearby Telus store buying us time for our cells.  i'll take any excuse to check out what's new at Winner's.

and i'm glad i did.  they had a bunch of new polishes.  quite a few Color Club sets, but they were mostly neon colours, and i'm not a neon kind of girl.  the other set they had was the Alter Ego Under Cover and i already have it :)

but, i did find this Kleancolor set.  and i can't resist glitter!  so it came home with me :)

these two are 172 V.I.P and 171 Kiss Goodbye.  V.I.P has small and large red and silver glitter and Kiss Goodbye is micro wee tiny multicolour glitter.  i see purple, blue, green and yellow in it, but the purple is the dominant colour:

 these are 188 Black Out and 169 Grand Finale.  Black Out looks awesome!  it boasts silver glitter in different sizes, right up to big hexes, in a black jelly base.  i can't wait to swatch this one.  Grand Finale is has long confetti glitter in a clear base:

and last but not least, 132 24 Carat and 32 Peaceful Heart.  when i was in the store purchasing this i thought 24 Carat was just plain gold glitter in a clear base.  on closer inspection i see that it has diamond shape pink glitter in it too.  they're rather large, like the hex glitter in Black Out.  Peaceful Heart has green/yellow glitter with teal hearts suspended in a clear base:
alrighty kiddos.  i'm off to answer texts and eat the wonderful steak my love has cooked up for us.  he is an awesome cook :D


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