Orly Fowl Play

i know you've all probably seen this polish on blogs many times before.  i can't help but post my own pictures.  the polish is the shit.  not only is the colour pure ossim, but i wore it for over two weeks with nothing but some tip wear.  it was finally removed when i went to get my acrylics filled today.  i'm seriously tempted to wear it again now that i'm home and my nails are all fresh, naked and ready to be polished.

with flash:

Barbie Loves Stila

i was at Winner's yesterday and this jumped off the shelf at me.  for $9.99 there was no way it wasn't also going to jump into my bag.  i can't believe i scored this for $10!  i'm a happy camper!

in bad news, AF showed up.  kinda.  she's being iffy about actually totally showing up.  damn her.  so... next step is advice from the doctor on fertility.  fun fun.

a little personal.

no nail polish in this post. 

my wonderful boyfriend and i have been trying to conceive since november 2010.  almost a year.  so far we've had absolutely no luck.  in the midst of our trying, we found out i had a polyp in my uterus.  also that said polyp might be the cause our fertility issues.  so i underwent a d&c to have it removed in the spring and we got back to trying, with more hope now, to get me pregnant again.

and here we are in October and i'm still wandering the world as non-pregnant as ever.

my dear aunt was due today.  she did not show.  i've had a conspicuous lack of the usual menstrual cramps and sensitive breasts that usually start about a week before AF is due.  2 days ago i tested and it was negative.  i called my doctor and have an appointment to talk to her about more help with our fertility issues on October 13th.  i'm guessing we're going to need some medical help, maybe drugs?, for me to get knocked up.

usually i leave it at that.  one negative and move on.  but this month it feels different.  or i have my hopes up way too high.  where are the cramps?  where are the sore bewbs?  is my body messing with me and maybe my cycle has decided to be longer this month??  why hasn't someone invented a damn instant pregnancy test?? ;)

cross your fingers for us?  if AF doesn't show by Monday i will test again then. 
i admit it, i love OPI's Teenage Dream.  i think it ranks high up on my favourite glitter polishes of all time.  :)  it's a pain in the ass to remove, but while it's on it's mesmerizing.  and i love how it's so versatile!  it's so easy to build.  i love using a thin coat to give a bland polish a bit of oomph.  i also love that it's completely possible to build up in just a few coats to a full coverage polish.

today i used it to glitterize the tips and paired it with Wet n Wild's Hannah Pinktana.  i'm not fond of the name, but i do love the polish.  it dried fast like promised on the bottle.  it took four coats to get complete coverage, but since it dried so fast i am okay with that :)  the only thing i didn't like was that it was so dull after drying.  and felt a bit gritty.  a topcoat (i used Seche Vite) fixed that up easily enough :)

on to the pictures!  most were taken in natural light.  i did include a couple using the flash so you can see the scatter holo of Hannah Pinktana.  it's so so pretty in the sunlight... the kind of pretty that makes me stare at my nails and sigh in contentment :)

over the past few weeks i was away from the blog i have received a bunch of fun nail decals/decorations via my magic mailbox.  honestly, i haven't tried many of them yet :(  but that isn't going to stop me from sharing pics of them and info on where i found them.

first off, i found nail "tattoos" on eBay.ca through a seller called FinderThings.  They have a nail tattoo for any and every occassion it seems!  i ordered sets of 20, but when they arrived they had included another 10 decals free!  sawheeeeet!

i chose cutesy skulls, kitten skulls and ebil monsters:

i'm dying to try the skull kitties and monsters!

on to more nail decoration fun.  i also ordered a set of 6 nail art wheels on eBay.  i'm very impressed with what i got... and can't believe it was so cheap!

here are five of the wheels:

they are marquis shaped crystals and round crystals (top row).  the wheel in the middle contains random pre-cut fimo, most of which are flowers.  on the bottom row are different coloured "pearls" and gold flat butterflies.

this... this one is by far my favourite wheel.  it contains small shaped confetti type decals.  they come in hearts and stars, both open in the middle and whole.  i love the colours of these.  and they're so easy to apply (see my current mani in the post below).  i know i will get a lot of use out of this wheel.  and not just for my nails :)

okay.  i'm off to find some inspiration for my next manicure.  the pink must go.  and tomorrow is the day of it's demise (well, technically, later on today).

barbie pink

that is the only way i can describe this one.  barbie.  pink.  cupcake.  whoah! 

i used China Glaze's Something Sweet as the base colour.  and then  OPI's I Lily Love You for the gradient on the tips.  the heart and star are from a random assortment of nail decorations i found on eBay.  i simply pushed them gently on to the not-quite-dry polish and then used a coat of Seche Vite to keep them in place.

it all started with the want to decorate the cover of my new journal.  well... kinda journal.  i usually buy myself hardcovered sketchbooks to use as journals.  i like the blank pages, i like being able to doodle, sketch, and paste things into my diaries.  :)

so i bought a few scrapbooking supplies to decorate the plain black cover of the journal.  and i did.  it looks pretty now.  but i could not stop buying scrapbooking supplies!!  the pretty papers somehow wound their pretty papery tentacles into my soul and now i must own.it.all.  i have fancy shmancy edging scissors.  i have card stock.  i have hundreds of papers in different patterns and prints and pretties.  i have glues, die cut decorative pieces, alphabets... gah!!!

so i decided i will list some of my new hobby in my Etsy store.  i have one set of blank cards for sale, another set that i need to take pictures of and list today, and enough supplies to make more sets than i have friends to send them to!