Hannah Pinktana and Teenage Dream

i admit it, i love OPI's Teenage Dream.  i think it ranks high up on my favourite glitter polishes of all time.  :)  it's a pain in the ass to remove, but while it's on it's mesmerizing.  and i love how it's so versatile!  it's so easy to build.  i love using a thin coat to give a bland polish a bit of oomph.  i also love that it's completely possible to build up in just a few coats to a full coverage polish.

today i used it to glitterize the tips and paired it with Wet n Wild's Hannah Pinktana.  i'm not fond of the name, but i do love the polish.  it dried fast like promised on the bottle.  it took four coats to get complete coverage, but since it dried so fast i am okay with that :)  the only thing i didn't like was that it was so dull after drying.  and felt a bit gritty.  a topcoat (i used Seche Vite) fixed that up easily enough :)

on to the pictures!  most were taken in natural light.  i did include a couple using the flash so you can see the scatter holo of Hannah Pinktana.  it's so so pretty in the sunlight... the kind of pretty that makes me stare at my nails and sigh in contentment :)


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