little nail size bits of FUN!

over the past few weeks i was away from the blog i have received a bunch of fun nail decals/decorations via my magic mailbox.  honestly, i haven't tried many of them yet :(  but that isn't going to stop me from sharing pics of them and info on where i found them.

first off, i found nail "tattoos" on through a seller called FinderThings.  They have a nail tattoo for any and every occassion it seems!  i ordered sets of 20, but when they arrived they had included another 10 decals free!  sawheeeeet!

i chose cutesy skulls, kitten skulls and ebil monsters:

i'm dying to try the skull kitties and monsters!

on to more nail decoration fun.  i also ordered a set of 6 nail art wheels on eBay.  i'm very impressed with what i got... and can't believe it was so cheap!

here are five of the wheels:

they are marquis shaped crystals and round crystals (top row).  the wheel in the middle contains random pre-cut fimo, most of which are flowers.  on the bottom row are different coloured "pearls" and gold flat butterflies.

this... this one is by far my favourite wheel.  it contains small shaped confetti type decals.  they come in hearts and stars, both open in the middle and whole.  i love the colours of these.  and they're so easy to apply (see my current mani in the post below).  i know i will get a lot of use out of this wheel.  and not just for my nails :)

okay.  i'm off to find some inspiration for my next manicure.  the pink must go.  and tomorrow is the day of it's demise (well, technically, later on today).


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