ahhhh... fresh nails

they're all acrylicized and ready for me to paint.  i cut them that short myself.  the clicking of them on the keys of my laptop as i typed was kinda making me nuts, so i cut them short yesterday.

and finally went out to have the acylic filled this evening.  they're so fresh and new!  and naked!  i can't wait to paint them.

i stopped in at a beauty supply store across the road from where i get my nails done and they had the China Glaze Metro collection on display.  i chose the mini bottles rather than getting the big ones for fiscal reasons :)  that, and chances are i won't use up the little bottles let alone a regular size one.  and of course i went with the set with the glittery polishes.  the only one that isn't in some way glittery is Urban-Night.  it's a cream purple.  very pretty.  the other colours in the set are Skyscraper (blue jelly with silver glitter), CG in the City (burgundy-ish jelly with tiny silver/gold/burgundy glitter) and Midtown Magic (a brown-ish with fine gold glitter).

i also grabbed a bottle of Orly Glam from the clearance basket.  but, as i was sitting waiting for my nail appointment, i noticed that i was charged regular price for it.  so i'll have to go back tomorrow and have that remedied.  oh, the horrors... another stop at the beauty supply store!  ;)

*runs off to eat dinner and moisturize my cuticles*


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