i got nails.

wahoo!  i have long(ish) nails again.  i gave in and went to the salon and got some acrylics.  i just couldn't handle the stubbin nails any longer.  so i gots me my veddy veddy first acrylic nails.

for the most part i'm happy with them.  but gah, they're thick!  next time i go for acrylics i'll make a point of asking for thin!  also, they seem wider at the tips than the are at the base, is that normal for acrylics?  i feel like a such a newb.  oh... wait... i am.  heh.

it is late here, i'm really tired after a night of poker and chillin' with the boys, otherwise i'd be all over taking some pics right.naow.  but i'm not so tired that i couldn't come rushing here to talk about my new acrylics.  so tomorrow... or, technically, later on today, i will update with some photos.  and i'm definitely going to be removing the salon polish and doing my own.  i'm a bit of a clutz, i wrecked the perty salon job pretty much as soon as i walked out of the door.  :\

k.  to bed.  nighty night blogiverse.  i will be back in the daylight with pictures :)


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