a Flakie!

(moved from my old blog... orginal date April 26, 2011)

while i was waitng at my local Zehr's for a prescription to be filled i wandered into the makeup aisle.  such as it is.  and took a good look at the Joe Fresh polishes.  i figured, meh, they're 3 for $10, i can afford to grab a few.  i grabbed Persian Blue, Twilight and Peacock (which has a pretty greenish tint to it that i just cannot capture with my camera).

but whoah?... hold up.  check out Twilight again.  it's a flakie!  i had no idea Joe Fresh had released a flakie polish!!  i could not resist... a flakey polish that i can afford??  yoink!

i did my best to try to capture the way the flakes change colour depending what angle you see them from:

now i am totally tempted to take off the easter-ish polish i put on last night to try these out!


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