stash enhancement!

just a little bit.  i had to stop at walmart for milk and decided it was a good time to stalk the makeup section.  oh, who am i kidding, there is never a bad time to check out the makeup section ;)  i got a few "art" nailpolishes.  i have never used them before, i'm afraid i may not have a steady enough hand to create much with the super thin long brushes they have.  after opening them and checking out the brushes i have been thinking about getting some nail wheels to practice designs on.  zomg... this obsession just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger!!

i also got some cosmetic sponges to try out some sponged looks with my nails.  and some nail art stickers.  when i get home i realized that i had two of the same designs.  one packaged was taped tightly to the next and they looked like one alone.  so when i got home i was surprised to find two.  :\

not pictured is a bottle of pure acetone to help with small clean ups, although my application is getting better :)


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