i think the entire blogisphere has seen Nfu-Oh's flakies.  and every nail blogger has posted pictures of both the bottles and the polish on the nail.

so this post is just a repeat of what you've probably already seen.

but i can't help myself!!  i got my very first Nfu-Oh flakies in the mail yesterday and i cannot resist the temptation to post pictures of the bottles here.  i am so in love with the bottles!  i don't want to put them away in my stash box... i want to leave them out and display them on the living room bookshelf!!

i got colours 59 (the redish one) and 51 (the purple one).

my current mani is in serious trouble of being removed so i can try these babies out.

pssst... click to supersize the picture.  i didn't edit it so it's HUGE when you click through :)


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