i'm so broken!

(from old blog, original date May 9, 2011)

about a week ago my left thumbnail broke.  spectacularly.  yay.  i had to cut it right down to the nailbed.  okay.  it's just one nail.  and it's a thumbnail, the rest of my nails aren't terribly long, so i could hide it.

and then today the middle finger on my right hand developed a large split in it.  a split that started a the edge and then grew into my nail bed.  so cutting that nail short wouldn't solve the problem, it would just leave me with another stubby nail.

i have never done serious nail repair before.  usually i cut them all down to nothing and start over.  but i've been having far too much fun with nailpolish to let that happen this time.  so i went off to wal-mart and bought a brush-on gel nail kit.  it comes with a bunch of tips (i went for short, i can't figure out how to function with long nails) so that if another nail breaks i have the kit ready to go and repairs done in a snap.

all laid out, ready for nail surgery:

the stuff took about an hour to stop feeling tacky.  i did cut down the tips after applying them to match the length to my natural nails.  here is the middle nail all done and drying:

not the neatest job.  but i give myself some props, it was my first go at applying a tip at home.

and, now, the look i'm currently sporting:

China Glaze Ruby Pumps (2 coats... and i just couldn't get a good picture of the depth of the sparkles).  Nicole by OPI in Let's Get Star-ted on my ring fingers.  i had to fish the stars out of the bottle... a bit of a disappointment, but i saw a bright side.  it gave me the opportunity to place the stars exactly where i wanted them.  one by one.  lol.


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