i can haz teh nubbins? pulease? :(

nubbin nails :(  that's it... no more repairing them.  i gave in and have cut them all short.  some of them right down to the quick. 

i've been thinking about getting acrylics put on at the salon.  some of my natural nails are strong and grow forever (my ring and pinkie fingers).  others are strong but don't grow as long because of wear and tear (my index fingers).  others are just stupid.  my middle finger nails always split right at the part where the nail grows off the finger.  it's starts out as a small crack that inevitably grows and then i have to cut it off.  something similar happens with my thumbnails.  any thoughts on how to fix this?  or thoughts on acrylics?

here's a manicure from a few days ago:

OPI’s The One That Got Away, Nicole by OPI’s Honey-Dew You Love Me (hearts), Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Strobe Light (glitter… which i wish i hadn’t applied… it’s just too much with the hearts).


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