Nfu-Oh Flakies 51 and 59

my retro mod dots "Monsters Inc" manicure died a horrible death last night.  my love and i have a deal... he cooks (i hate cooking), i do the dishes (he hates doing dishes).  it works out very well :)  we're both happy with the arrangement.  most of the time. 

i had been slacking on my end of the deal.  and the dishes piled up.  a lot.  so yesterday afternoon i did up a rather large load of them.  by hand... we don't have a dishwasher in our apartment. 

the tips of my mani starting chipping :(  ugh.  instead of touching it up (it was totally fixable), i just removed it completely last night in favour of trying out my new Nfu-Oh's.

the lighting in my living room is pretty sucky at night.  so when i did this one i didn't realize just how much the purple finger sticks out from the rest.  i'm very tempted to add some red dots to it to make it blend a little more with the rest of the mani.

i used Revlon's Top Speed Nail Enamel in Cherry as a base for Nfu-Oh 59 and Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl as a base for Nfu-Oh 51.


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