toxic skulls and bows

freehand design created mostly with my trusty Boye US1 double pointed knitting needle.  now that i see it in the light of day i think i'll get around to touching up the bow on my thumb before i leave the house :) 

polishes used:  essie sexy divide (base), Revlon Top Speed in Super Nature (green) and an unlabled Joe Fresh white.  Seche Vite top coat.

i do have to note that i was rather disappointed with essie's sexy divide.  it is such a deep beautiful purple, but no matter how thinly i applied it, how long i let it dry between coats, or which base coat i used, i kept ending up with bubbles.  i fully removed it twice and started over.  on the third go i just left it and squished out what bubbles i could by pressing down on the polish while it was still soft.  the Seche top coat smoothed out the fingerprints.  phew!


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