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(from old blog... original date May 9 2011)

so… i found a store in a city near mine that sells discounted nailpolish and makeup. they seem to carry a lot of discontinued colours. and they had a 20% off sale yesterday. and we were going right past the mall they’re located in to visit my family for mother’s day… so how could i resist??? also… i seemed to be on a bit of sparkly kick.
here’s the low-down:
  • China Glaze in Ruby Pumps and Snow Globe
  • Funky Fingers in Fancy Brigade (gold), Sakura Glow (light pink with small glitter), Out of Orbit (darker pink with big glitter). i’ve never used this brand of polish. i hope it’s okay. i couldn’t resist the glitter!
  • KleanColor minis in Techno High kit. Metallic Pink, Metallic Yellow, Metallic Purple, Metallic Jungle, Metallic Navy, Metallic Brown (boy they were creative with the names huh). another new brand to me. couldn’t resist the price and colours. i have no self control!
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Celeb City.
  • Gosh Purple Heart. i’m a little disappointed. it’s an awesome purple green duochrome in the bottle, but not so much on the fingers.
  • Claire’s Mood colour changing polishes in pink and purple. these should be fun to try out :)

and with the flash.  it sort of makes the glitter sparkle more :)


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