a trip to Ikea

a trip to Ikea for one shelf turned me into a cleaning monster today.  i have literally done nothing but clean today.  and the one thing i wanted to accomplish hasn't been done.  i wanted to get the shelf assembled and the stuff that's going into it organized.  i got the assembly part done...
 i also got my entire living room and kitchen tidied up:
and my dresser now looks like a girl actually lives here:
but the stuff that is going on the new shelf?  still a terrible untidy pile on my dining room hutch.  most of it is my man's work stuff.  he runs poker tournaments at night and does contracting during the day.  there is quite the assortment of things on it... a showerhead, cards, receipts, pencils galore, floor plans, a NY Giants baseball cap, a measuring tape... oh my.

so, no nailpolish today.  i broke two nails right down to the quick pulling boxes meant to go in the new shelf out of the box they had them in at Ikea :(  so i have stubbins again.  stubbins with slightly chipped polish from all the cleaning i did today.  why isn't it as much fun painting them when they're shorter?? ;)


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