toxic skulls and bow tutorial

pardon the flashy pictures.  it is literally the middle of the night here (2:23a.m. as i start this post).  i can't sleep so i decided to do a quick tutorial on how i made the skulls and bows in my last manicure :)

so... first, gather up your supplies.  you'll need the polishes you've chosen to use and something to create small dots with.  i use a fine knitting needle, because i knit, a lot, and they're handy around here :)

using the brush that is in your nailpolish bottle, and using the colour you want for your skull, create a circle on your nail for the head of the skull:

next, get a spare piece of paper or foil and put a drop of the skull colour on it:

using your dotting tool, create three "teeth" on your skull:

next, get your bow colour ready by placing a drop on your scrap piece of paper.  to make the bow, create 5 dots with your dotting tool in this configuration:

next step is to fill in between the dots to create the bow:

now add a drop of your back ground colour to your spare piece of paper and use your dotting tool to add eyes and a nose:

seal that baby up with some topcoat and you're done :D

happy painting :D


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