naked nails

and no inspiration.

okay... entirely not true.  a quick look around at all the nail blogs i read and there is way more than enough inspiration!  :)

here's a secret.  i am one of those mental types.  i enjoy living with chronic depression and anxiety.  and today is what my love has come to call "a crazy day".  he doesn't say it in a derogatory way, he says it with a smile in a way that makes me smile.

crazy days usually mean pjs, sofa, internet and absolutely no motivation.  and that's killing the perty that could be my nails!  they're currently only wearing a nail strengthener.  my stash boxes are open on the sofa next to me, but i just am not feeling it!

in the meantime, while i'm waiting for this bout of depression to pass, or for the inspiration for new nails to come (whatever happens first), i'll show you my stash.  it is tiny compared to some :)

this is where it lives.  right beside "my" spot on the sofa :)

inside the boxes.  there have been some additions since this picture, the boxes are both full up to the brim now.  i don't know how that happened ;)


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