Monsters Inc. nails.

 i decided to make the best of a bout of insomnia last night.  i just could not sleep.  i napped yesterday afternoon, thanks to a migraine :(, and then i just couldn't get back to sleep when sleep time came.  so i stayed up almost all night watching a documentary about the history of magic and painting my nails.  problem with insomnia though... i was exhausted, but could not sleep...  being exhausted while painting polka dots on small surfaces means not so great dots.  but it's a fun look despite the weird spots, so i'm sharing it with you all anyway :)

i created the dots with what i had around at the time.  i don't have any special nail art tools.  yet ;)  to make the dots i put a drop or two of polish on a scrap piece of paper.  the big dots were made by dipping the back end of a pen into the drips on the paper.  the medium dots were made with the back end of a Loew Cornell round paintbursh that i use to apply gel/cream eyeliner.  and the small dots were made with my trusty Boye US1 double pointed knitting needle.  :)

- black: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out. 
- light blue: China Glaze Bahamian Escape. 
- green: Revlon Top Speed Enamel in Super Nature. 
- dark blue: Joe Fresh Prussian Blue.


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