most coveted?

so... i've been thinking.  a lot of nailpolish bloggers have these great giveaways after they reach a certain number of followers, or they reach a blogiversary, etc.  and i want to do that too.  i love spreading joy in any way i can and sending nailpolish to polish hoars is going to be fun!

and that thought led to me thinking, what could i add to a giveaway collection?  i don't have a very large stash, but i do already have a brand new unopened Joe Fresh Twilight, bought in anticipation of either selling on eBay or giving away on my blog.

i pop by my local Winner's once a week or so and i've scored some pretty ossim nailpolish there.  it's where i found my OPI holo.  and my Seche Vite.  there is a store in a big mall in the next city over that also sells discontinued colours and over-productions.  i scored a few of the OPI Katy Perry collection there... 3 for $15 (when i buy OPI at the local beauty supply store each bottle runs $9.99plus).

if i had a mental list in my head of your most coveted nailpolishes, who knows?  perhaps i'll come across them at Winner's, or the outlet store.

so comment and let me know what your most coveted polishes are.  i will use your comments to build a list and hopefully build up a pretty cool giveaway for when i have a significant blogger moment :)


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